How to trade CFDs on TRON (TRX)

The TRON network owns a native cryptocurrency which is called TRON or TRONix. It was launched in September 2016 by a non-profit organization. TRON is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency. The TRON network aims to establish a platform for the digital entertainment industry, and it offers an easy and low-cost sharing of content on a digital platform. The peer-to-peer technology of TRON has eliminated the middleman, and the result is in cost reduction.

Why trade TRX?

Here we will analyze why one should trade TRON.

  • It is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol, it uses its TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency and is referred to as TRONix or TRON.
  • The content consumers to pay TRON to get access to stuff in the TRON network. These coins are added to stuff producers’ accounts, and these coins can be exchanged into cryptocurrencies.
  • TRON is highly scalable, the application equipped various methods to be deployed in TRON due to its highly effective contract.
  • It has a reliable intrinsic value, network structure, user asset, and high decentralization which provides a reward distribution mechanism.
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The advantages of TRON trading are given below:

  • TORN has a bold vision, impressive marketing, spectacular branding, and strong ideas.
  • TORN processes 2000 transactions per second which makes it more scalable, the other top cryptocurrencies have lower scalability.
  • TORN has a partnership with BitTorrent, Opera, Samsung, Swisscom Blockchain, and Poloniex which makes it highly reliable.
  • TORN is a decentralized, peer-to-peer operator, and content-oriented platform.
  • TRON has achieved high throughput by improving TPS, which has crossed Ethereum and Bitcoin, to the daily-use degree.


As there are some advantages of TRON, then it is understood that it must have some drawbacks. The drawbacks are listed below:

  • The ratio of tactile output with sudden cash flow has created too much hype and the actual platform of TRON has not been in a position to start completely.
  • The white paper of TRON is too long which does not seem visionary or progressive in near future.
  • There are many investors but a limited number of developers which is making its process slow and for private investment there is 15% of coins are issued.
  • The price of the TRON coin can be influenced by the addresses’ owners as 50% of the TRON tokens are stored in just ten addresses.

How to Trade TRX?

Here we will discuss how to trade TRON on different trading platforms:

  • Open a trading account on the platform.
  • Deposit funds in an account via credit cards, debit cards, and Bank wire transfer.
  • Select TRON (TRXUSD) on the platform and invest the desired amount for trading


  • Open a trading account on the eToro platform.
  • Deposit funds in an account via Master cards, VISA, e-payments methods (WebMoney, Skrill, etc.), and many more.
  • Select TRON (TRXUSD) on the platform and invest the desired amount for trading


  • Open a trading account on the Plus500 platform.
  • Deposit funds in an account via fiat money and cryptocurrency methods.
  • Select TRON (TRXUSD) on the platform and invest the desired amount for trading
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Where to buy it:

TRON can be bought from the exchanges are listed below:

  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Coingate

FAQ about Trading with TRON (TRX)

What is TRON?

Tron is an open-source blockchain protocol developed by one of China’s largest internet companies, Alibaba. In layman’s terms, TRON is a new decentralized internet protocol that is designed to combine the functions of internet infrastructure with digital content. TRON differs from other blockchain platforms in that the focus is on building the infrastructure to run distributed applications, not the blockchain itself. TRON uses a hybrid proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that incentivizes network nodes to produce blocks and eliminate stale blocks. TRON also has a strong focus on the business side of the internet, using the network effects of the TRON network to make online entertainment more convenient and effective. If you want to learn more about TRON and buy TRX, then please visit our dedicated section here.

How does TRON work?

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that allows to share digital content, and gain resources such as TRON token.

The main idea behind TRON is to create a new decentralized platform with strong focus on content creators. The TRON token itself is used for all types of content creation. In short, it is used for content creators.

What are the advantages of TRON?

  • Unlimited scalability – With TRON you are able to process about 1T at a time.
  • Distributed ownership system
  • Zero cost
  • Scalability 50x-1,000x better than Ethereum — 100T-1 Tron.
  • Powered by Kucoin
  • Bitcoin support
  • Exchange rate of $0.60/$0.80
  • Can be traded on Binance, Liqui, and other exchanges
  • Supported by a wide array of applications
  • Multi-platform

Where can you buy TRON?

This is a very important question. Fortunately, most crypto exchanges support TRON. This means you don’t need to buy TRON from cash and then hide it in a wallet.

However, sometimes it is easier to purchase TRON from a payment provider. These come with a fee of up to 0.1%. You can read more about payment methods here

How to Buy TRON with Credit or Debit Card

Credit card purchases are popular. It is easy, as you do not even need to store the money in your account. However, these transactions are very expensive, so it might not be a wise option for you.

Alternatively, if you live in an area where the currency is stable, or where there are reputable brokers that deal with the crypto, you might even consider paying with a debit/credit card. These can also be deposited to your bank account.

How to Buy TRON with Bank Transfer

Like credit card purchases, bank transfers are also popular. You can buy the coin with your debit card, and then transfer the funds to the exchange account you created.

What is the difference between TRON and Ethereum?

Tron is a cryptocurrency that was originally founded and developed in China. It first launched in 2017, and is currently ranked number two in market capitalization. It was created as a low-cost digital media application on the internet in 2019. It became popular due to its censorship-free platform, and soon became one of the dominant cryptocurrencies in the world.

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms in the world. It is currently maintained by the Ethereum Foundation, and it has attracted more than 20,000 developers to the project. The Ethereum platform is known for its smart contracts technology. Its primary innovation is the use of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Unlike Tron, Ethereum is not made to compete with cryptocurrency and is more suited for use in the data and entertainment sectors. However, Ethereum still has a big advantage over Tron.